As many of you are aware, Rachel and I were married last year. It’s taken us a while to get organised but we are finally going on honeymoon!

We therefore want to give you advanced notification that our help-desk support (telephone and email) will be unavailable except for emergencies between 15 and 28 July 2014 inclusive. The ask a question part of the website will be monitored so that is probably the best place to go during this period. We will have available an emergency number which will be passed to customers upon request but customers will need to demonstrate it is an emergency for example if you have a court hearing during the period we are away.

The Tenant Vetting Service will continue to operate but requests will likely be dealt with on an evening and they may take a little longer than normal to arrive after payment. We still intend to have these within 24 hours as normal though.

Finally, the status of the website will be constantly monitored so hopefully during this period, all the information you need will as always be on the site and if any problems occur with the site, that will be dealt with as the highest priority.

We will have a F.A.Q. section dedicated to login questions before we go away.  Update: we now have a FAQ and guidance available here

Being self employed for over 20 years now, this will be our first ever venture abroad as we’ve always stayed in the UK to look after the telephones etc. Hopefully, because the website now has so much information, most questions can be dealt with this way.

Thanks for your understanding