Email templates for landlords/agents

Over time we will add templates which might be useful during the coronavirus period. Currently, there are only a small number but we plan to add more as people ask questions or provide recommendations.


They aren’t downloadable letters like normal because of the temporary nature. Also, almost all communication will be by email/app, so you can just copy the text and modify it for your own purpose.

The templates are more “inspiration” rather than to be used exactly as shown.

Reply to tenant asking for rent reduction due to 3 month mortgage holiday

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Politely asking to carry out gas safety record

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A short reply after a self-employed tenant asks for help with rent

A reply after trying to do gas inspection but refused

Tenant of commercial unit not responding and likely entitled to small business or retail grant

Tenant requesting 3 months rent free

Students rent is payable (and students to still receive loan payments)