The three tenancy deposit schemes have jointly published a ‘Guide to Tenancy Deposits, Disputes and Damages

The new guide outlines the principles on which all three scheme administrator’s adjudicators make decisions so that the process is consistent and transparent for letting agent, landlord and tenant alike; regardless of which scheme you use.

Since 2007, around 47,000 disputes have been settled by our collective alternative dispute resolution processes and whilst we’ve always worked to the same principles, by pooling information on disputes and their eventual outcomes they’ve been able to identify common issues and work together to publish guidelines which cover:

›      How to avoid disputes in the first place

›      How to collate  evidence, and the types of evidence accepted by adjudicators

›      What an adjudicator looks for when considering a dispute

›      How to deal with common problems such as wear and tear.

This is the first time they’ve worked together to publish educational information that’s aimed at landlords, agents and tenants alike.

You can get hold of a copy for free  and understand for yourself how disputes are adjudicated, potentially helping you avoid these situations in the future.

Click here to download the guide.