Fixed Term no Prescreibed Information – Section 21(1)(b) Notice

If don’t have a written tenancy (so you have a verbal tenancy), please read this article before serving notice.

You require a section 21(1)(b) notice.

Step 1 – Prescribed information

Under the deposit rules, a section 21 notice cannot be given when the deposit is either not protected or if the prescribed information has not been given. You have indicated that the prescribed information has not been given with this fixed term tenancy and therefore it needs to be served before you can serve a section 21 notice.

To obtain the prescribed information, please download the appropriate tenancy agreement which matches the scheme where the deposit is protected from here. Then, simply complete and print out the prescribed information part (usually 10 + pages). There is no need to print the tenancy agreement or guarantor agreement.

3 copies should be printed and 2 sent to the tenant asking them to sign both and return one to you. It doesn’t matter if they don’t return one because that is what the 3rd copy is for, your records. The prescribed information should be hand delivered with a respectable witness or posted using ordinary post and obtain a free of charge “certificate of postage”. If you would like to both hand deliver and post that would be perfect but we understand that that would be a lot of paper!

You should allow at least 3 days for service to be completed before serving the section 21 notice.

Step 2 – Serve the notice

You need to download and have the notice in front of you available here.

Next, the notice needs completing. The most important part is getting the date correct. With a 21(1)(b) notice, it is quite easy to get the date right because there is no requirement to ensure it ends on any particular day.


Completing the form

To: Insert all names of all tenants
Of: Insert tenancy address
Landlord: Insert your name
Of: Insert your address
Dwelling-house known as: Insert tenancy address
After the: Insert date of expiry of notice … see below …

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