This is a brief article on fire safety requirements in a two storey HMO. This in particular applies in areas of additional licensing where two storey properties are caught.

In this particular case, which has been pointed out by a new member in Wales, is that the local authority are making it a requirement of the licence that a fire door be provided on the kitchen. The landlords complaint is not necessarily about the fire door, it is basically the fact that less than five years ago extensive fire prevention works were carried out to the local authority standard and it would have been far easier to carry out these works back then rather than have to do these few additional items now.

However, as the member points out, the local authority are quoting the requirement of a fire door as being from the LACORS guidance. Yet, in fact, this guidance specifically states a fire door is NOT required in his case.

I thought therefore a quick summary was worthwhile.

There are two types of properties defined in the LACORS guidance for fire safety which it is acknowledged in the guidance are not legal terms but are useful terms to explain different scenarios.

“Shared houses” are

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