We have now completed our Coronavirus Act changes to the possession notice wizard which is now live again and can be used.

We decided to make changes to the section 8 and section 21 notices in line with the Coronavirus Act 2020 even though some commentators don’t believe it’s necessary to do so.

The changes basically replace any mention of a length of the notice to “three months” in line with the requirement to give three months notice in all cases for both notices until 30 September 2020 (unless extended).

We felt making the change was a safer option for our subscribers.

Whilst making the changes we’ve also made significant upgrades to the entire possession notice wizard.

The wizard screen is now hopefully improved (one subscriber mentioned it was small on their screen and this has hopefully been fixed for example).

In addition, we have developed a brand new section 8 notice completion system.

You add the details (tenant name(s), addresses, expiry date etc.) as before but, it’s now a much cleaner and simpler interface.

We can now handle selecting the individual ground you want to use and the notice will automatically insert all the relevant details such as extract from the legislation and ground numbers etc. Before this change, on any ground other than two months arrears, you had to manually make changes. All that is now gone!

You will still have to add evidence such as a rent statement if arrears grounds or evidence of some breach of the tenancy but given the notice needs printing so it can be delivered this shouldn’t be a problem. We could add an upload function to upload evidence but it’s probably not necessary and just makes more that can go wrong! We will monitor usage and see.

Give the possession notice wizard a try and if you experience any problems, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Please also check out the coronavirus hub which is constantly being updated.