Landlords renting out homes in Wales are still no nearer finding out which default costs they can charge renters under the Welsh tenant fees ban.

The Welsh Government has announced new regulations are on the way next year but has not indicated which fees will be covered by the new rules.

The tenant fees ban was introduced on September 1 but was open-ended about the default fees landlords can charge.

Default fees are the charges landlords can make when a renter breaks the terms of their tenancy agreement, such as paying rent late or having locks replaced due to lost keys.

A consultation has gathered opinions from landlords, letting agents and housing organisations.

Despite some questions attracting more than 200 responses, only 3% of the total representations were made by individual tenants.

The consultation document says: “Following consideration of the responses provided to this consultation the Welsh Government intends to bring forward regulations to further describe the default payments which will be considered as permitted payments under the Renting Homes (Fees etc.) (Wales) Act 2019.

“The intention is to provide clarity on what can be charged in respect of certain payments in default and the limits on any such charge. The Welsh Government intends to make these regulations early in the New Year.”

The document also explains another set of regulations will arrive before the end of the year to confirm a clear list of information a landlord or letting agent must give to a tenant before taking a holding deposit.

“This will mean a tenant has the information necessary to make an informed choice before entering into a tenancy agreement and a landlord or agent will be able to make clear where they require action by the tenant,” says the consultation.

No more details have been released about the regulations.